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sears home repair service Comments

ky11 says: (4 years ago)
A few years ago we bought all new large appliances and an extended warranty
After reading the other complaints I guess we have had very good service in the past and my infuriating experience today is not uncommon.
I called 2 weeks ago and made an appointment for today to have my dishwasher repaired.
I talked to a man who called a few days later to ask me to describe the problem so he could send the correct parts. They did arrive soon after.
We received numerous reminders on the following days. First we were told the repairman would be here between 8 and 12. The last call yesterday said between 8 and 10 and we were scheduled as the first call of the day.
When no one had gotten here by noon we tried to call . My husband was on the phone about an hour. During this time he talked to at least 4 people and was disconnected that many times.
The last person was a very nice lady named Tori and after a while she did get an answer. It seems that the repairman called in sick and no one was assigned to take his place and no one called to tell us.
My day was ruined waiting and now I am told it will be another week. This is Christmas, people. I need my dishwasher!
I am deeply disappointed in your service.
Obviously something is wrong with your system and such experiences can completely undermine the good will that takes years to establish.

after A

2frustratedinep says: (5 years ago)
We will now be waiting for third time for the Appliance repair service to repair our Samsung Dryer. First the replaced the belt, then the motor and now it does not work again. We paid for an extended warranty and paid their inflated price when we bought it for a warranty. Now we have been without a working Dryer for a month. What a ripoff and for Sears to sell services like this, they should go the way of Montgomery Wards and dissolve their business.
I will never buy anything (not even bubblegum) from Sears.

usaddpro says: (5 years ago)
Paid for Master proaction service, asked to service a broken dishwasher called for service this service took a week for a tech to show up in Brooklyn NY then he has no part says will take 9 days to get it , all in total 3 weeks without working
dishwasher needed a sensor a Samsung a pice garbage machine with bad Sears service!

Bad Service do not sign up with sears service all their phones are unswear form India or Philippines bad English speaking on the phone!!


rafi says: (5 years ago)
Know I know Sears was merged with K-mart. There service has become inept. They give customers calling in for service two weeks or more appointments! An when parts are needed their service people order parts through their lab-tops!
Two weeks ago, my mother has a water leaking from her freezer. An she was given an appointment for April 30, 2014.
Meanwhile, they are ruining my mother's sheet-rock wall, wood frame behind sheet-rock wall and cement wall also. Which causes black mole an that in turn to black mole disease!!
Now I want to know who an how do I go against Sears and K-Mart, for reimbursement of repairing my mother's property???

stxqueenie29 says: (5 years ago)
Never again will I buy any major appliance from Sears. In 2008 I bought a Kenmore washer and 2010 it wouldn't finish the cycle I called and they sent out the repairman to fix it. I tried to see what he was doing but he keep asking me to get him things (rags and bucket).Then he said the problem was the screen in the back where the hose attach to the machine make sure it's clean. He was such in a rush he didn't put the booklet back in the machine . which was good for me because then I got to see what F-11 means "replace the motor control unit board". If he had done his job and replace that part I would not be so stressed and p*ssed off. now that the warranty has expired I'm still experiencing the same problem that should of been fixed in 2010 while it was under warranty.The repairman came out again and charge me $150 for being there 20 minutes took the motor control unit board out(after I told him that's what needs to be replaced).He said he would call me back with a price for the part and its been a month and nothing. I even spoke to a supervisor and he was NO HELP. Anytime I called they will transfer me to someone else and always say oh someone will call you within 24-48 hrs,Well that is a load of sh*t. its going on 3 weeks now and still nothing. After paying so much money for a washer and 5 yr warranty you should get BETTER SERVICE than they provide. Its a shame how Sears treat their customers.

Annoyedwithsears says: (6 years ago)
We have bought many appliances from Sears. They push the extended warranty and repair coverage on you, but scheduling an appointment that actually occurs in a reasonable amount of time is nearly impossible. Recently I waited over a week for a dishwasher repair appointment, was told I would receive the needed parts at my home in advance of the appointment,. Now I find out the parts are scheduled to arrive the day after the repair appointment! But they can't reschedule for 2 more weeks. Talking to the people they use on the phone is like talking to a kindergartener--they train them in such a way that they repeat your name incessantly and just repeat that they're sorry you're having this problem, but they never cut to the chase. It would be so much easier to just pay for repairs from a local service, talk to a human being who knows what they're doing, and pay them directly.

Talgall says: (6 years ago)
5 service calls; wrong parts delivered; service calls cancelled; technicians stating that the oven cannot be repaired. I've been without an oven since November, 2012.

I have a Master Service Agreement.

Please help.

MelroseChick says: (6 years ago)
It is 3 AM and my boiler is steaming and/or smoking in the basement. There is water on the floor. Pressure relief valve, maybe? I have a master service agreement on this boiler, and I called as soon as I saw the smoke and was told that I had to schedule my emergency for later this morning because there is nobody there except "customer service" people during the night. How the h*** does a person SCHEDULE an emergency? It looke like Sears "protection agreements" are pretty much useless unless whatever breaks does it during the hours that are convenient for sears. I sure hope nothing happens before they can get somebody out here, because I have reported the problem and have not gotten any help so sears is liable for any serious consequences that might evolve. All I ewanted to do was talk to a technician to see if this is a dangerous situation. Protection? Hah.

monajalo says: (6 years ago)
Scheduled for an appointment on 11/29/2012 between 1pm-5pm; no show, no call. Called the 800 number @ 4:45pm -on hold for 10 minutes then a rep says he will call dispatch for an update. When he returns he states, "I will send you an email with the technicians status". I asked if he was afraid to tell me that a technician is not coming to repair my washer today. He says all he could do is send an email. Terrible customer service!!! I have purchased all of my appliances from Sears since my first apartment (over 20 years ago) and my mother was a customer for appliances for over 40 years. Now there company and business practices are terrible. Good Bye Sears.

downsouthmary says: (7 years ago)
We had our refrigerator looked at on Jan 17, 2012. The water would not dispense. The repairman put a computer on it and said the water line was frozen, it needed a heater to keep it warm. He wanted 283. to fix it, plus 73. with tax for the service. We decided to get the part and fix it ourself. The next day, I notice the tray is full under the water/ice dispenser. The lights are all working in refrig/freezer, but the food is unthawed in both. I notice that the temp controls on the front are turned off. He must have turned them off when he hooked his computer up and forgot to turn them back on. I called repair and they say there's nothing they can do for me, except to say they're sorry or send another repairman out. I told them I have reset the refrig now, no need for another repair. Sorry, is all she could say.

swanilda says: (8 years ago)
Several years ago we got a new heating/AC unit from Sears. It failed very quickly, and they came out to "fix" it. Because we now didn't trust it, we purchased a service contract on it. Well, the AC failed again a few weeks ago, and we have been suffering in 90-100 degree days. We waited almost two weeks for the first date for repairs. No show and no phone call. My husband had taken off work, and called to find out that the repair team was "overbooked". We had to go to the back of the line again! Waited another week and a half. Guess what? AGAIN no show and no call. My husband is getting ready to call and try to get through to a MANAGER. Sears needs to go out of business. They absolutely don't care.

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