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sears home repair service Reviews

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    Sears came and "fixed" my dryer at a cost of over $200 dollars. Less that 2 months later, the dryer broke again. Called Sears Home Repair. Lady on the phone said there would be NO CHARGE to come out and look at it because they had JUST "fixed" it. The repairman wanted another $400 to repair the dryer. OBVIOUSLY not going to put more money into an old dryer. Went to SEARS and bought a new dryer!!! I started receiving "past due" letters stating I owed money for service call. I wrote letters explaining why I did not owe this money. NOW Sears Home Services... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Ice maker repair

    My Kenmore ice maker literally broke into pieces. Called the Sears Home Service for an appointment. Even though I have pieces of the ice maker in my hand, the appointment was scheduled to "diagnose" the problem. The tech would then order parts, and schedule a second appointment to install the part. They refused to have the tech come during the first visit with a new ice maker. (They changed a Policy where they no longer send parts out beforehand, which they've done before for this ice maker.). So now I'll be out 2 days of work waiting to replace something that I can... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Ayyad

    Sears home repair is the worst service ever. Weve been dealing with this ridiculous dept since July. Our dryer broke down we called sears to come check it out the tech then told us that the motor was out and it was still covered under Samsungs 5 year part warranty so we would only pay for the repair. We agreed to the service we paid 80 at that time then we had to pay 50 when they come fix it. the tech told us it would take a week for the new motor to come. Every week we would call them 3-5 times and each time we would get a different arrival date for the motor and set up the repair date.... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Kenmore HE 2Plus

    I had repairman out on 7/5, assessed machine, fixed a motor issue...needed a computer board repair. Ordered remanufactured item (because he said it has the same warrenty) and had it delivered the next week. He visited again on 7/11...he found that the computer board was bad. He reordered another board, we opted for the $50 extra for the NEW component and had it RUSHED because he was returning on 7/17. He did not show on 7/17 and called the repair number to find he scheduled it for 7/23. I called to move it to 7/22 when I can take off work...and they said that nobody could be there.... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • microwave

    I purchase a Kenmore microwave on 9-12 and it was installed on 10-12 from sears in Augusta mall. It worked well for about 3 wks. then it worked off and on. I have had sears repair service out for 3 visits. It still don't work only thing they accomplished was to break my cabinet getting the microwave out. The management team that handles complaints are insensitive they refuse to give you there name and the said its 300 of them and they all are managers. My old microwave that's 10 years old continues to work well for my daughter. How can I resolve this problem. More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Service Agreement Trap

    I feel we were scammed. Sears sold us a renewal of the service agreement on our washing machine while they knew it was old enough that they do not repair it. They sent a technician over as a show and just to make sure it wasn't just a belt, gasket, or generic simple piece. The technician told us they would have to "research" the part we needed because it was it was no longer listed (the transmission). Ten days later, when I did not hear anything, I called. They said my machine is at the age that it is "due for replacement" (exact quote). They would not... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • poor customer service

    I had a tech at my house to repair my washing machinge on March 30th. At that time, he said he needed to order parts and set up a new appointment for the following Saturday - April 6th. On Monday April 1st I contacted customer service to make sure the time I had requested was correct. At that point, I was informed I needed to call them once I had all the parts. I received 2 boxes the following day, so I called. When I called I was informed they could see the tracking info and that I was still missing 2 boxes that are on backorder. If you can see this why do I need to keep calling... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • GE Gas Cooktop

    Repairman came out to replace two control knobs on our GE gas cooktop. After he supposedly completed the replacement, he left, and gas was leaking from one of the burners. He did not check or complete the connection correctly. My husband came home and was able to shut off the gas valve to the cooktop and air out the house, but there could have been a serious build-up of gas and an explosion in our home. When we called Sears to tell them the situation, the "customer service" agent informed us that the earliest one of their repair people could come out was five days from the... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • No Show AGAIN

    We bought an heating/ac unit from Sears a few years ago. It was defective and Sears had to fix it. Because we no longer trusted it, we bought a service contract/extended warranty on it. A few weeks ago the AC stopped working again. We called for repairs. The first appointment was not available till almost two weeks later. We sweltered in temps that went up to 100 degrees. The day came and NO SHOW/ NO PHONE CALL. My husband had taken off work. He called, and was told the repair people had been overbooked. We were put to the BACK OF THE LINE and were given another appointment for a week and a... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • part failure

    My dyer is 150 degress and is buring my hands I need this dryer and I am tired of the clothes coming out wrinkoe and shrunk you could smell the elastic in the pants melting. I let you put in the part are your sure there noting else going to go wrong. At if I have to keep this dryer give me a years free service agreement staring in nov. burning fingers are ver uncomfortable. I would rather have a replacement a new dryer so that I do not have that problem again as the repair is more than the dryer is worth. More...
    (Repair Services)
  • lawn tractor repair

    We purchased a craftsman lawn tractor a year ago. In august the wheel came off. The tractor was still under warranty. Service was scheduled for one week following our call. The day before sears called and said no technician was available and rescheduled for two weeks later. This was entirely unacceptable as left us with 3 weeks of no way to mow our 2-1/2 acre lot except to pay someone to do it. After much debate, Sears agreed to give us $25 a week toward the mowing (a drop in the bucket toward the cost of the mowing). One check arrived. The technician came as scheduled with no parts... More...
    (Repair Services)


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